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The following articles were written by Dr. Timothy Jameson and offer suggestions on overcoming and understanding injuries to the muscular and skeletal system in musicians. All articles are copyrighted and permissions are needed for republication. Contact Dr. Jameson at chiro4u@aol.com

Stage Fright in the Christian Musician (Published in Christian Musician Magazine) This article was written in a Christian publication, yet the information is helpful for musicians of any background, religious or not. (c) 2015 Dr. Timothy Jameson

Hand Tingling in the Performing Artist (Published in Christian Musician Magazine) (c) 2015 Dr. Tim Jameson.  Struggling with tingling and numbness feelings in your hands? Check out this article.

Life and Gravity - what's bringing you down? (Published in Christian Musician Magazine) (c) 2015 by Dr. Tim Jameson.  Look at how life can impact your health.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Eight Causative Factors is an excerpt from Dr. Jameson's book Repetitive Strain Injuries: The Complete Guide to Alternative Treatments and Prevention. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome complaints are usually involving pain in the hand and tingling and numbness of the first three to four fingers.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in Guitarists explains a condition that causes tingling, numbness and sometimes weakness of the fourth and fifth fingers of the hand.

Trigger Finger: Explanation and Prevention explains about a painful condition that causes an inability to straighten our a finger or causes a locking of a finger with an inability for movement.

Repetitive Injuries Continue to Plague Musicians offers strategies to prevent painful repetitive injuries and offers an understanding of why they develop in the first place.

Weight Training for the Musician offer advice on how to improve your overall health to prevent painful musculoskeletal injuries.

Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention Guidelines offers 14 tips to prevent RSIs.

Chiropractic Care: Important for every musician

Back Pain in the Classical Guitarist

Fatigue in Pick Hand and/or Arm While Playing the Guitar

New!!! Orchestral stresses analyzed by Dr. Joel Margolies, D.C., a french horn player

Preventing hand injuries while guitar playing An informative article from Acoustic Guitar Magazine On Line.

Stress In Piano Playing by Richard Beuchamp offers excellent advice in piano technique and style to prevent injury.

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