Are you labeled as ADD or ADHD? Are you sick of taking Ritalin or other speed-like drugs? by Timothy Jameson, D.C. (c) 2018


In today’s society, taking a drug for a problem is culturally-accepted. But is it the RIGHT thing to do? Many people (primarily under 18) are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder simply for the fact that they don’t fit into the accepted standards placed upon them by schools. Teachers are telling parents that their child is not acting properly in class, so it’s time for Ritalin. Psychiatrists are confirming the fact after a quick examination. The problem is getting out of hand.

Over 5 million of America’s youth are taking the powerful psychotropic drug called Ritalin. The U.S. consumes 90% of the world’s supply of Ritalin. Is ADD just a problem in the US? Or are other countries just smarter than we are and don’t promote amphetamine use to their children?

Ritalin is being surpassed by another drug called Adderal, another form of amphetamine. Does this drug ring a bell? You could go to jail if you made methamphetamine in your bathroom bathtub, yet as long as psychiatrists and pediatricians say it’s OK for your kids to take amphetamines, then the parents rush down to the local pharmacy to pick up their child’s dose.

Children today are on more psychotropic medications than ever before. What will become of our country in the years ahead as these children join the job market? Will we have a drug addicted country on our hand, with little productivity and a downward economic spiral? How will the drug intake and diminished brain function affect their decision-making that affects countless others? I am very scared to think what lies ahead if this drug-taking trend continues.

Are you one of these people taking speed to “cure” your so-called problem? If so, you must realize that there are other answers out there. Better health through better better chemistry has failed time and time again. Drug interactions kill an estimated 180,000 people per year (a very conservative estimate). Prescription drug deaths are the fourth leading killer in our country, and allopathic medicine, in it’s entirety is the NUMBER ONE leading cause of death – when you add hospital mistakes, malpractice and negligence, drug interactions, hospital-acquired infections, etc. (recent statistics show that over 900,000 people die each year due to "Modern Medicine" - please read Death by Medicine by Gary Null, Ph.D.,

The only way to empower your body and your children's body to heal, and to function at a higher level is to use programs that do just that – work with your body’s own healing systems. Chiropractic and nutritional guidance are two primary places to start. Chiropractic allows your body to reach higher levels of health naturally by enhancing the function of your nervous system. Nutritional guidance allows the body to function better once it reaches those higher levels through chiropractic care. Primary nutritional issues to investigate are sugar addictions, wheat intolerance, and dairy allergies. And there are many other forms of the vitalistic healing arts that can help, such as acupuncture, classical homeopathy, and naturopathy.

If you’re sick of taking pills that offer terrible side effects, then begin considering other forms of TRUE health-care. Ones that actually enhance the functioning of your body, not degrading it.

 If you are interested in finding out a natural healing method to enhance brain and body function, contact a chiropractor who is involved in the Chiropractic Performing Arts Networkto begin the road to recovery. We will help you get there, naturally.