Eight-time Grammy-winner George Benson has found relief through chiropractic care for a chronic hip problem which resulted in a limp. Here is his story:

"Chiropractic seems to make things flow better. It gives me a better overall feeling. Everything got better. My walking got better. I lost the limp I had. It took away the sciatic pain I was having to less than 10% of what it was, and it was a biggie for me because sitting down was just a terror! That sciatic nerve went crazy and my chiropractor is the one who toned it down. 
"The first thing my chiropractor discovered that the x-rays did not reveal was that my hip moved and that was why I was having a hard time with the sciatic nerve. It got pinched in some way or another. The hip was out of place, so he put it back in place. And after about three or four visits, it had stayed real well. So I think that's what straightened my walk out. 
"My chiropractor's a good man, and he talks to me about what's going on and keeps me abreast of what my body's going through." 

George Benson