Life and Gravity

The Musician’s Doc

By Tim Jameson, D.C., M.Div.  ©2014

Why do I hurt doc?  My response is, “Well, let me narrow it down to two main causes - life and gravity.”  A blank stare looks back at me, wondering what I’m talking about.  Now that I have his undivided attention, I explain.


Have you ever noticed that life is chock full of challenges and struggles? We are saturated with news of world strife. We face personal problems, death of family members and close friends. Disease impacts people we know and love. Our families undergo relational troubles. Some suffer through divorce, depression and loneliness. We find ourselves in a major financial crisis.   I will stop there.  Consider this: every time you face a serious emotional trauma (all of the above fall in the category of emotional trauma) it has an effect on your overall nervous, structural, and hormonal systems. If left unchecked and unhealed over the years, chronic emotional stress will even distort your posture. 

Not everyone is affected by life stress the same way.  Whereas one person can undergo a stress and respond in a very positive manner by growing in character, overcoming their obstacles, and maturing in faith, another person facing the same life stress can feel blocked, depressed, overwhelmed and discouraged and even become physically ill.  Much of it has to do with our upbringing, our nurturing, and past “tapes” and our self-image along with our current level of wellness – or our degree of sickness.  Even the strongest of us can break down some times in life when we endure a time of burnout and fatigue.

If you have not adapting well to a major life issue it can throw your body out of balance. You enter a state of “dis-ease.”  You have not entered a full blown disease state just yet – which might take years – but you have entered a time where your body just doesn’t work the way it used to. This can happen at any age – even in children.  Your health falters.  You get sick more often.  You have back pain. You feel run down. You get headaches. You have acid reflux.  You have digestive disorders.  You have muscle aches and pains.  All of this can develop just from unhealed emotional traumas. In fact, in my clinical experience, emotional trauma is the top cause of spinal distortion, pain, and nervous system malfunction.  

Your body is talking to you, in fact in some cases your body is SCREAMING at you to discover healing.  Where is that healing found?  It can come in many ways.  Some times it’s simply a time of rest and restoration. For some it’s an intensive exercise routine. For some it comes from Christian counseling. For others it is deep times of prayer and meditation on God’s Word.  For others a body worker like a chiropractor or massage therapist is the answer. For some it involves serious nutritional and dietary changes. In a majority cases a combination of all these factors is necessary for complete healing.

If you have dealt with some major emotional traumas in your life and still feel like you have not healed from them, then begin considering taking action and seeking help from your brothers and sisters in Christ who can help you whether it be through prayer, doctors, counseling, or pastoral care.  Don’t become an island of self-suffering.  The body of Christ is there to help you through, and Christ himself will help you heal. In some cases that miraculously comes as a gift of grace from your Creator.  For others, the Lord will use his servants to help heal you. The first step is asking. 


There’s this constant that we can never change – unless you visit the space station.  It’s called gravity.  Gravity pulls us to the earth.  Yes, that’s a good thing.  But for those people who have postural problems due to many factors – injuries, traumas (physical and/or emotional), long term computer use, addicted cell phone users, gamers, MUSICIANS, just to name a few – that gravity factor will pull your body into very strange positions. And those aberrant positions usually create pain.  Some people will actually develop a posture that exactly resembles the work they do or the instrument they play. 

Are you overweight? Since most of America is overweight, spinal health problems are rampant in our society. Carrying extra weight around shifts your center of gravity creating abnormal strain on the spine, discs, muscular systems, and internal organs.  Gravity strikes again.

So what is the answer? It begins with being proactive.  You must care for your spine and your posture like you care for your teeth.  Wellness-based chiropractic care, massage therapy, keeping an eye on your posture while performing, pursuing great nutrition, losing some weight if you need to, and focusing on mental wellness can help you live life to the fullest.

Life and gravity.  They have the potential of leading to all types of health disorders in those who cannot adapt well.  How are you adapting? Do you need to ask for some help?  Be bold.  Break through the fear.