CTS, Vitamins and Nerve Function

Q:I've been a pharmacist here in San Antonio, Tx for the past 27 years. I'm also a part-time professional magician working trade shows performing with a deck of cards. I also enjoy playing fingerstyle blues guitar on my acoustic. Recently, I've had a few(not many) hand specialists & neurologists starting to prescribe prenatal vitamins to their patients with carpal tunnel syndrone. Seems like these vitamins are loaded with plenty of the B-complex vitamins and lots of folic acid(1mg). What are your thoughts on these? I've been diagnosed with CTS; however, my left ring finger & pinkie tingle but usually at night when I go to sleep. What helps a lot is sleeping with a wrist splint. I haven't noticed it much affecting my guitar playing, but I have noticed that my left hand fingers don't have the same amount of strength or touch when performing sleights with a deck of cards. Your assistance/thoughts would be gladly appreciated.

A: The only problem about vitamins for CTS is that they can't unpinch nerves. CTS results from long term nerve irritation either from the spine or from multiple areas along the nerve's path from the spine to the hand. I agree that vitamins help the body heal (if it is already deficient in vitamins) but vitamins are not the entire answer to healing from CTS. I have found with ALL cases of CTS involvement of the nerve roots at the cervical spine level. Once we begin clearing up the disturbance of nerve function to the arm and hand, healing begins to take place. This may take 6 months to a year, depending upon how long you have had the condition and how severe it is. So my advice to you would be to have a chiropractic evaluation and have some massage work done to the chest and upper extremities.